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Sensor Lights Installation: 7 Advantages of Calling the Pros

Well-being and safety will always be top of mind for most homeowners. This is why investing in better security, such as installing exit and emergency lighting, as well as sensor lights installation has been booming recently.

Here’s why:

Why Invest In Sensor Lights Installation?

Sensor Lights Installation is a Great Way to Protect Your Home

Motion sensor lights are a great way to protect your property. All you need to do is have it installed outside where you want more visibility. They are a great option because most burglars and vandals target areas where the residents are either sleeping or absent. With motion-sensing lights, you can easily deter these criminals because they’ll automatically turn on when they come in the perimeters of the property.

Sensor Lights Installation is a Great Way to Save Energy

Because sensor lights installation will only turn on when it detects movement, you can definitely save on that monthly energy bill. So if you want to save costs in the long term, sensor lights installation is something you definitely need to consider.

Why Hire a Pro for Sensor Lights Installation?

There are many advantages to calling the professionals for sensor lights installation. We’ll cover them below:

Hiring a Professional for Sensor Lights Installation Ensures Expertise

Based on the complexity of sensor lights installation, it could take almost 7 hours to do and will require high expertise, skills and special training. It’s detailed electrical work that may not be suitable for everyone.

Regular homeowners can only DIY the process if they have enough experience with electrical systems, have the skills to use electrical tools, and know the safety precautions they must practice to install it safely.

Professionals Have the Required Tools and Supplies for Sensor Lights Installation

To install sensor lights, there may be tools and supplies that may not be available to you, or may be difficult or dangerous to use without training. Some of these tools and supplies are the following:

Tools / SuppliesDescription
Voltage TesterIdentifies the presence of current flowing through the wire.
Wire StripperUsed to remove the protective coating of electrical wires.
Chisel and JigsawUsed for cutting a hole through the stucco when trying to install the junction box.
Rubber glovesFor protecting your hands when handling conductive materials.
Safety gogglesFor protecting your eyes from electric sparks and other hazards.
Motion sensor lights or motion sensing attachmentsThe security device to be installed, that automatically turns on when it sense movement.
Junction boxThis is a box with a junction of electrical cables and wires. Expertise comes into play when installing a junction box, as installing one to accommodate new wiring is not an easy task.

Professional Can Make the Complex Process of Sensor Lights Installation More Streamlined

If you have to do light switch installation and testing, wire in new lights or run a new electrical line, the job increases in complexity and difficulty. To do it, you’ll need to work carefully and slowly and wear protective apparel when dealing with electrical parts.

The sensor lights also need to be at least 6 -10 feet off the ground and angled in a way that they can catch the maximum amount of movement possible. Doing so will ensure that the property is safely illuminated.

Professionals are Knowledgeable on the Required Permits for Sensor Lights Installation

Electrical work needs appropriate permits and licenses to conduct. A skilled professional knows if your locality needs a specialized permit and post-completion inspection. They’ll also handle all the paperwork, which means less hassle for you.

A Professional Knows the Best Sensor Lights Installation Options

When investing in sensor lights, you have a variety of models and options. An experienced professional has encountered many challenges, and most likely install sensor lights on a daily basis. Thus, they know which sensor light options work best and are most cost-effective. They can also tailor-fit the lighting solution based on your needs and purpose for installing them, as well as the layout of your property.

Professionals Can Ensure Safety Through Proper Sensor Lights Installation

Because professionals have the experience and training to complete the installation seamlessly, you’ll have high quality results. You can avoid the hazards that come with handling electrical components, as well as reduce the risk of electrical fires and electrocution.

Qualified experts also know that sensor lights could get exposed to the weather. Thus, they will make sure that all the wirings are installed correctly to prevent tripping and other hazards. Plus, they could also inspect your existing lighting system, and make sure to replace or repair any faulty outlets and wires.

Time and Money Savings

Incorrect sensor lights installation can lead to costly repairs, and even replacement down the line. Moreover, installing sensor lights could take hours to do, especially when you’re doing multiple attempts to achieve the results you want.

Hiring a professional can make sure the installation is done swiftly, more efficiently, and lessen the risks of costly mistakes down the line.

Need Help with Plumbing and Sensor Lights Installation?

Do you lack pre-existing lighting setup outdoors? Are you not confident about handling delicate electrical components? Or do you lack the require knowledge and tools to install sensor lights? Then, it’s best to work with a reliable profession for your sensor lights installation needs.

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