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Grease Trap Cleaning Sydney
Grease, oils and fat wastes are very common in our households. Accumulated grease and oils may clog and cause further damage to your house or building's piping system if these are not properly managed.
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AM PM Plumbing and Electrical predominantly operates in Sydney’s CBD, Northern Suburbs, Inner West and Greater Western Sydney.
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Proper management and grease trap cleaning Sydney is important to avoid any problems that may occur because of a clogged or blocked sewer system.

Making sure that grease or trade waste is properly managed is one of the most important things that need to be considered in a household or when you operate a business or restaurant. Improper management of grease or trade waste may violate the laws and provisions set by the local council, aside from the chances clogged or blocked sewer or piping systems, which costs more to repair.

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Grease or trade wastes are commonly produced from commercial establishments, such as restaurants. Businesses that produce grease or trade wastes on a daily basis must have a plan in place to effectively manage or regularly have grease trap cleaning Sydney. And this is where AMPM Plumbing and Electrical comes in. We provide scheduled grease/trade waste drain cleaning services to businesses or households to ensure that they avoid any potential problems caused by improper management of grease or trade wastes.
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Here at AMPM Plumbing and Electrical, we know what we do. We are experienced and are the leading provider of grease trap cleaning Sydney services in the Inner West. Our grease/trade waste drain cleaning services are backed with years of trainings and seminars, so you, our clients, are assured that we get things done.

If you want to learn more about our services, then contact us and we will get back to you right away. First, let us take a peek at some of the reasons why we are the best in the industry.

  • We invest in the latest plumbing equipment and technology.
  • We understand and adhere to Australian standards.
  • We never stop learning by undergoing regular trainings.
  • We have quality, safe and effective procedure.
  • We always go beyond the expected trade standards of workmanship.
  • We listen to client feedbacks for continuous improvement.
  • We always aim to improve our services.