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Emergency Electrical Repairs: 8 Dos and Don’ts

When a need for emergency electrical repairs arises, it’s important that we are ahead of the situation and have the basic know-how on how to alleviate the situation, instead of worsening it in the process. Electrical difficulties are typically minor in nature, but it is the circumstances that cause them to become electrical emergencies. The prospect of an electrical emergency can be terrifying, so it’s incredibly important to remain as calm as possible. Immediately calling 911 if you are in the midst of an electrical emergency would be your most feasible option.

When someone absorbs an electric shock, they may not be conscious, may have trouble breathing, may have burns on their body, and may have a feeble heartbeat. The quantity of current running through the body, the quickest current path, the degree of contact, and the regularity of the current all influence the degree of injuries induced by electricity. Here are the do’s and don’ts when the need for emergency electrical repairs arises.


1. Turn Off the Main Power Source

All cooling and heating appliances that are powered by the circuit breaker should be turned off at the breaker. Make certain that all of the branches are turned off before turning off the main circuit breaker. You will be able to ensure that all of the appliances are safeguarded when the power is shut off following an emergency electrical repairs in this manner.

2. Use Fire Extinguisher

If you have a fire extinguisher in your home, everyone should be familiar with how to use it in the event of emergency electrical repairs situation. Using a fire extinguisher with a Class C rating should be sufficient if you were unable to turn off the electricity to the cause of the fire. Carbon dioxide or dry chemical extinguishers are used in these situations. If the power has been interrupted, you should use a water-based Class A extinguisher to put out the fire. Pull the pin that is depressing the handle and direct the horn at the core of the fire before holding the handle in place for a few seconds.

Make sure to keep sprinkling the extinguisher until the fire is completely doused. Consult with an expert if you are unsure of the class of your fire extinguisher – class A and class C extinguishers are not identical and should only be used in the situations described above.

3. Assess the Severity of the Power Failure

In order to identify whether the power outage is isolated to your home or affects a larger region, look to see if any visible lights are coming from your neighbors. Consider checking your breakers or ignition coil, as well as the service cables that link to your home, if your neighbours seem to have electricity at their residence. If the wires are twisted or on the floor, keep a safe distance between yourself and the wires and notify your local electric utility for emergency electrical repairs. Once you have determined that the defect is not in your property, you should notify the appropriate authorities if your neighbours are also affected.

4. Remove Any Barriers in the Way of the Electrician

The resolution of emergencies should be completed as soon as feasible because they can be time-sensitive. Removal of any furniture or appliances that may be in the route of emergency electrical repairs is a smart option in this situation. When the electrician arrives, he will save a great deal of time because he will be able to get to work right away.

As a precaution, it is recommended that the location in which the electrical malfunction has occurred be kept completely dry to reduce the chance of an electrocution for the electrician working there. As an added precaution, keep youngsters and pets away from the electrician in order to minimize distractions. This will guarantee that your emergency electrical repairs services are handled efficiently and successfully on the day in question.

5. Call for Help

In the event of an electrical emergency, the first step should always be to call for assistance. Time is critical in emergency situations, therefore dialing 911 as soon as possible if there are indicators of electrocution or electric shock is essential to ensuring that the situation is handled successfully. It is also important to get professional assistance when dealing with other sorts of electrical injuries, such as burns and wounds, because it could mean the difference between life and death. If you notice that electricity lines have been downed, don’t hesitate to inform your local authorities.


1. Do Not Come into Contact with Exposed Wires or Elements that Appear to be Heated

If you come into contact with wires in any situation, it is always a bad idea since you cannot be positive that they are not live wires. Because the electrical current flowing through your home is so strong, it is extremely dangerous to come into contact with exposed wires. Do not come into contact with any exposed wires and leave them in the hands of an electrician who is wearing protective gear.

Components that appear to be hot or that have heavy smoke should be avoided since they can cause injuries such as burns or electrocution if handled incorrectly. Also, make sure that any combustible materials are kept away from the hot component in order to prevent it from catching fire.

2. Do Not Come in Contact with Electrocuted Individuals

It is absolutely not acceptable to immediately touch someone who has come into contact with electricity under any circumstances. If you make contact with that individual while they are still linked to the electrical charge, you will be shocked or electrocuted as well as them. Maintain your composure and keep away.

3. Do Not Stand Near Trees

Because living wood contains water and may conduct electricity, trees that come into touch with power wires represent a major hazard to people’s safety. No matter how certain you are that a line is in interface with a tree, you should avoid contacting the tree or coming into contact with any item that is touching or around the tree at all costs.

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